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The "KISS" in KISStek stands for "Keeping It Simple Solutions".  This philosophy guarantees elegant, cost effective solutions defined and implements to meet the most exacting requirements of the most demanding customers. 

KISStek was founded by Michael R. McDonald as KISStek LLC  Mike is himself a highly accomplished, innovative engineer who, after 30+ years working for Harris Advanced Technology Department, General Dynamics, Silicon Graphics, Scyld Computing, and other companies, recognized the strong demand among industry and government clients for high technology services delivered as promised and when promised.

As the senior KISStek principal, Mike assures that staff, associates, suppliers and subcontractors work as a seamless whole, and that they collaborate efficiently and collegially in special-purpose teams purposely selected to respond to the client's exact requirements.

In contrast to the industry tendency to favor project longevity as the way to grow revenues, KISStek centers on helping organizations swiftly and thoroughly identify cutting edge solutions, defining, mapping, designing, producing and integrating complex technology solutions for:

Evaluating these tradeoffs is identical to getting a second medical opinion when your instincts and your past experience with "haste-makes-waste" ideas tells you that just one idea is not enough. 

KISStek's "team of experts" work discipline is expressly designed to identify all relevant alternatives.  This approach fully insulates the client from any downside risk of acting solely on the first opinion, no matter how good it may initially appear.  


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KISStek is located at:

1583 S. Navajo Way
Chandler, Arizona 85286

phone: 480-352-8634
email: mikemac @ kisstek.com

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