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Renesas Synergy IoT Enabler Starter Kit

The IoT Enabler Start Kit project is intended to help developers get started using the SK-S7G2 Starter Kit to combine sensors with cloud based services to create IoT applications. The project consists of 3 labs: SmartWine, RemoteSongPlayer, and FunWithSensors. The completed kit is being used by Renesas and Arrow to teach an introductory IoT class thruout 2016 and 2017.

  1. SmartWine Lab

    The SmartWine lab connects the data from an AMS Pmod module containing humidity, temperature, and proximity sensors to a ThingSpace cloud service for monitoring the sensor values. A GT202 WiFi modem is used to connect the SK board to the Internet.

    SmartWine board with GT202 WiFi module and AMS sensor mdoule SmartWine Sensor screen SmartWine Alarm when too close to the AMS sensor SmartWine dashboard

  2. RemoteSongPlayer Lab

    The RemoteSongPlayer lab allows the user to play one of two songs and to adjust the volume. Control of which song is playing can be done from either the LCD screen or the dashboard. Communication with the cloud based dashboard is via a NimbeLink CAT1 LTE cellular modem.

    RemoteSongPlayer board with CAT1 modem RemoteSongPlayer LCD playing song #1 NimbeLink CAT1 modem

  3. FunWithSensors Lab

    The FunWithSensors lab showed a more complicated use of sensors, cloud based monitoring, along with data from BlueTooth enabled smartphone apps. This lab used a custom Arduino shield designed by Zephyr Engineering that contained a GPS receiver, humidity sensor, barometric pressure sensor, magnetometer, accelerometer, vibrator, and 4 Grove connectors. Communications with the cloud was via a NimbeLink CAT1 LTE cellular modem. The lab could also receive real or simulated walking steps from an Android or iOS app via Bluetooth.

    FunWithSensors board with CAT1 modem, Arduino shield, and vibrating motor FunWithSensors Arduino shield FunWithSensors LCD image FunWithSensors iOS app
    [Android version]

Synergy-Ayla Demo

The Synergy-Ayla demo shows how to easily integrate the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP), the DK-S7G2 Development Kit along with Ayla Networks cloud services for the monitoring and control of IoT devices. Ayla uses the demo for classes teaching about their cloud services and for demonstrations at trade shows.

Zephyr designed Ayla Pmod module with a Murata WiFi module Main LCD screen image S7 devices LCD image Ayla Web Interface

Renesas S7 IoT Enabler Demo

The Renesas S7 IoT Enabler Demo was a project to demonstrate the capabilities of the new Renesas Synergy S7 processor. The S7 IoT Enabler Demo runs on both the DK-S7G2 Development Kit and the SK-S7G2 Starter Kit.

Major goals of the project were:

LCD Setup GUI HTML Setup GUI HTML Runtime GUI Dweet JSON Data In the Zephyr Engineering booth at Renesas DevCon 2015


Snowbluff was a custom system for recording incoming data at a rate of no less than 40Gb/s. The design was based upon PA Semi PS6T PPC CPUs paired with custom Solid State Drives (SSDs) in a cluster configuration. At the time of this project, commercial SSDs could sustain 150MB/s reading and 75MB/s writing. Our custom designed SSDs were capable of 225MB/s reading and 270MB/s writing. The write speed saturated the SATA interface.

There was no follow on to Snowbluff due to Apple purchasing PA Semi and cancelling the CPU used in the project.

Preliminary datasheets from the project:

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